CourtBouillon 2‑Year Anniversary Survey

Hello and welcome on this CourtBouillon 2-Year Anniversary survey!

Thank you for taking time to answer. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long 😉.

This survey will help us to improve WeasyPrint and make your experience better!

Do you know what CourtBouillon is?

Which CourtBouillon projects do you directly use?


What do you do with CourtBouillon projects

Do you know that you can get professional support on CourtBouillon products?

Which new features of this last year do you enjoy the most?

Which features would you like to see in WeasyPrint?

(1: not interested, 4: very interested)

MathML Smaller PDFs CMYK and color profiles Faster generation Standalone executable for macOS Standalone executable for Windows Named areas PDF forms :first-line Grid PDF/X-3 Right-to-left and bidirectional text Factur-X

Do you know that you can be a CourtBouillon sponsor on OpenCollective?

Where do you follow CourtBouillon and WeasyPrint news?


Which content are you interested in?

If you want to add something else or ask anything, that’s the moment